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About Us

About Us



In its 28 years of service to the broken and hurting, The Promise Land Ministry has helped more than 10,000 people. Many have been abused women and children, victims of drug and alcohol abuse. During our 90 day program we provide food, housing, medical treatment if needed, life skills training and character development for them.


During the month of July we stop everything and focus our staff and the entire campus to our annual summer camp. Children of all ages look forward every year to the exciting activities that take place for that month. We believe this to be one of our most important ministries. How awesome it is every year to see our campus fill up with children all month long, playing games and making their own life changing connection with Jesus Christ. (shown below)



We are a Christian Church that depends on the support of friends, businesses, churches and fund raising events for financial provision.

We do not accept government funding in any of our programs. We are a place where “human lives are recycled”. We are not a shelter or halfway house. Our purpose is to provide a life changing experience through Jesus Christ to anyone in need of physical, mental, and spiritual healing and guidance. Ultimately, we want every person who leaves the Promise Land to have experienced true change, to begin new lives as productive, successful, and happy members of society, and to be able to recommend our programs to others in need of a new beginning.

The Promise Land strives to become one of the finest outreach of its kind anywhere. We operate on the philosophy that people must change on the inside before they can change their outside.

Promise Land Ministries
1786 Hwy 129
Galivants Ferry, SC 29544



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