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50,000 Pounds Of Clothes

Three to four times a year we ship 50,000 pounds of clothes overseas to needy third world countries.

It really is a wonderful feeling to watch that big truck leave,

knowing that children will be watching them unload with hope in their eyes.

We only wish we could arrive with the clothes one time to help them as they try to

find their sizes in these 600 pound bails of clothes.


Church League Softball 

Contact John Tarmey for details, 843-358-0478




South Carolina Ladies' Retreat

"Are you a knockoff or the real thing?"


Every April at Camp Edisto, Branchville, SC


In your Christian journey, what signs in your life show you to be genuine.  Come explore your authenticity by knowing what the characteristics are of a true servant of God.  More than just an outward appearance, what you are stitched together with reflects the way, the truth, and the life


Summer Camp


Camp Joy is an extension of The Promise Land and is dedicated to providing meaningful programs in a beautiful outdoor setting. It is a place where youth from kindergarten through high school can take time to enrich their personal relationship with Christ, fellowship with each other and prepare for service while discovering God's will for their lives.


Our goal is to make every camper aware that their whole life is lived before God, giving them biblical principles and a chance to practice them in a safe environment.

Our counselors and staff use a variety of methods to communicate their spiritual truths including devotions, live music, skits, teachable moments, interactive Bible studies, exploration of age appropriate social issues and campfires.

During the month of July Camp Joy is divided into 3 seperate weeks by age groups:

Week 1:  Kindergarten through 3rd Grade
Week 2: 4th Grade through 7th Grade
Week 3: 8th Grade through 12th Grade

We also encourage sponsors for underprivileged children who by other means could not attend a summer camp. If you would like to sponsor a child, for Camp Joy for $80, please let us know.

For more information call (843) 236-1121

This tournament is held each year in June on one of Myrtle Beach's beautiful golf courses.

Great Prizes - Great Fun - Great food

For more information call (843)236-1121


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