Friday, June 23, 2017


    This letter is to let everyone know of the blessings through God, that the Promise Land has to offer. Blessings like learning who I am in Christ. See, in order to remain free from a negative such as alcohol addiction or any other negative, one must have Christ as their foundation. You have to replace the negative with a positive. That’s the ONLY WAY!
    I was a cross between Charles Manson and Otis Campbell before I went to the Promise Land, but since I’ve gone through the program and got baptized, the Holy Spirit has and still is changing me.
    I learned while there, things like, who I am in Christ and how much God loves me, how to love myself, how to control my anger, humility and so much more! See, my past does not have to dictate my future. I am not defined by my mistakes.
    The Promise Land starts and ends each day with a Bible Study. I got fed and taught vital information to survive in this carnal world. Now I attend the Bible Studies each morning and all services and do volunteer work at the Myrtle Beach Christian Church.
    I now have a sense of belonging like never before, that is lasting, unlike the temporary illusion of acceptance from the world. God loves me and accepts me and that’s all that matters. See, I’m a success now because of God in my life. :) I’ve been blessed with a NEW START!

All things are possible through Christ who strengthens me!

-Elizabeth Altman

Previously before the Promise Land, I lived life for myself without a clue about Jesus Christ. It destroyed my life almost to the point of dying. Afterwards I gave up and changed my life to the Lord at the Promise land. I’m not who I was. I’ve came a long way and I’ve got an awesome life with Jesus Christ to live.

-Carson White
Before I came to the Promise Land, my life was going downhill fast. Through drug addiction and other sins, I wound up in jail, facing hopelessness. At the Promise Land I have learned that I can have a new future through Jesus Christ. The people here have accepted me despite my past sins and are constantly encouraging me to stay strong in my faith and my belief that He will help me transform my life.

-Adam Merryman

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